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Public Documentation – A Punctum Vademecum

Public documentation about punctum books's review and submission process and the punctum books style guide.


Banking and other accounting creditials.

Monograph Guidelines

Author guidelines for the submission of monographs.

Edited Collection Guidelines

Editor guidelines for the submission of edited collections.

Style Guide

Everything about our house style. It's fancy!

Manuscript Acquisition and Review

Email Templates

All the emails you always wanted to write.

Metadata Management

Everything on how we manage our book metadata records.

Supporting Library Membership Program

About Submitting Your Manuscript

punctum books welcomes submissions from academic and para-academic authors working in any field in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and architecture & design who want to publish books that are genre-queer and genre-bending and which take experimenta...


All the accounting processes on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.


Guide for copyeditors.





When the book has been proofed, it's ready for release!

Book Orders

Usage Data


There are currently two types of subscriptions running through the punctum books website: legacy subscriptions through the Paid Membership Pro Plugin and new subscriptions through the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.



About the organizational structure of punctum books.

1. Preparing the Manuscript Files

Monograph Guidelines

1.1 Create a folder on your computer for the project. Please label this folder with your last name plus abbreviated title of book, such as, SMITH_History_of_Roquefort 1.2 Have each chapter in a separate Word file within that folder. 1.2.1 Title the chapter ...

2. On Our House Style

Monograph Guidelines

2.1 All manuscripts submitted to punctum must conform to the Chicago Manual of Style. You can consult and also subscribe to the Chicago Manual of Style online or you can access it via your university library. If you have no access, let us know. Depending on yo...

3. Cover and Book Design

Monograph Guidelines

3.1 You have sent us the folder containing your completed manuscript. We might send it back to you with requests for further editing and formatting. But soon the book will be ready for the design stage. 3.2 We are dedicated to working closely with authors rel...

4. Copyediting and Proofreading

Monograph Guidelines

4.1 Once we have agreed on a cover and interior design (or, a rough one, at least),we will do a full rough design of the book. We may ask for further editorial changes. But soon it will be time to read the book closely for errors. 4.2 Proofreading is difficul...

5. Publicity and Promotion

Monograph Guidelines

5.1 Your book has been a designed PDF for a while now. Everyone has tried to squash errors. It is about to be published. We need to think a bit about publicity and promotion. How will readers find out about your book? 5.2 It is imperative that you work closel...

6. Publication Day

Monograph Guidelines

6.1 Publication can happen abruptly, but we will try to let you know the day of its coming a few weeks in advance. Although we generally get books published within 10-12 months from the time of final submission of the manuscript, there are many twists and tur...

Unsolicited Proposals

Manuscript Acquisition and Review

Unsolicited proposals are sent by email to either or both of the co-directors in charge of acquisition. If an unsolicited proposal is totally inappropriate, not directed specifically to punctum, or otherwise unacceptable/spammy, no response is sent. If an un...

Solicited Proposals

Manuscript Acquisition and Review

Solicited proposals are those actively sought out by the co-directors. Arrangements for the review process are made on an individual basis. 

Annual Submission Period

Manuscript Acquisition and Review

The annual submission period for new manuscripts lasts from May 1 to July 31 each year. During this period, authors and editors are invited to send in (nearly) completed manuscript accompanied by a brief prospectus via email to the co-directors. The beginning ...

Manuscript Review

Manuscript Acquisition and Review

After the end of the annual submission period, the co-directors review all manuscripts and keep track of their comments/notes on the Trello Submissions board. Ideally, this processed is finished by the end of September. After each co-director has reviewed all...

Rejection Email Template

Email Templates

Dear <AUTHOR>, We know this will be disappointing, but we won't be moving forward with <TITLE>. Just so you know, we received an overwhelming number of submissions this year, more than we've ever received, and we can only accept about 25 manuscripts a year. W...

Acceptance Email Template

Email Templates

Dear <AUTHOR>, I can now tell you that we have completed our review of all manuscripts (for publication in <YEARS>), and we are thrilled to tell you that we very much want to publish your book manuscript, <TITLE> <INSERT HERE PRAISE FOR THE BOOK VIA ITS UNIQU...


Manuscript Acquisition and Review

Once the author has responded positively to the acceptance email, an Author/Editor Contract is sent out attached to a separate email. Standard contract templates are available in the Punctum Accounting > Contracts > Contracts Templates Nextcloud folder. Cont...

1. Initial Creation of a Book Metadata Record

Metadata Management

A book metadata record is first created after a contract has been signed. PBN PBNs (punctum books numbers) are internal identifiers for book projects. This system was introduced in 2019 and retroactively applied to the entire catalog. The first four digits o...

Submissions through Imprints

Manuscript Acquisition and Review

Peer Review

Manuscript Acquisition and Review

Upon receipt of the signed contract from the author, the ms. is forwarded to two members of the Editorial Advisory Board for peer review, who are asked to provide additional and constructive comments on the mss. within 1–2 months. External peer review may be s...


Supporting Library Membership Program

Lyrasis represents the punctum Supporting Library Membership Program in the US and Canada: Whenever a library subscribes through Lyrasis, they send us a Billin...


Supporting Library Membership Program

The Supporting Library Membership Program of punctum books is represented in the UK by Jisc. Libraries the are member of Jisc can subscribe to support punctum for a standard term of 3 years, with payments based on the Jisc tier system. punctum invoices Jisc on...

Open Book Collective

Supporting Library Membership Program

Montecito Bank & Trust


Our contact at Montecito Bank & Trust is Bijan Ghaemmaghami. All official documents pertaining the account are available in Nextcloud Punctum Accounting > Montecito Bank & Trust folder. Account Info Customer Name Punctum Books Account Type Checking R...