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7. Publication Day

7.1 Publication can happen abruptly, but we will try to let you know the day of its coming a few weeks in advance.

Although we generally get books published within 10-12 months from the time of final submission of the manuscript, there are many twists and turns throughout the editorial and production phases that make it difficult to say with exact precision when a title will be published. As we get closer to the final publication date, we will give you the closest approximation we can, and within the final several weeks of production, we can usually identify the week it will be released. As stated above in Section 6, it is mainly important that you not promise copies of the book to anyone nor arrange events around the book until after the book is actually released.

7.2 When the book is published, we will do a big social media fanfare. We encourage you to do this, too, as will we, as explained above in Section 6.5.

7.3 Editors will receive 5 gratis copies of your book, plus an additional 5 copies for contributors. If you want additional copies, we will be happy to provide them at 50% off the list price (plus, we will absorb the shipping costs unless, for some reason, the shipping costs are higher than normal, due to location or some other reason, in which case we will split shipping costs with you). For larger edited collections we can discuss ad-hoc solutions.

7.4 And congratulations! It has been a lot of work, but you have made a book!