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There is a number of software platforms you will encounter during your work with punctum books. Most of them are open source. We list them below. All of these instances (except PubPub) are kindly managed by our friends over at


Bookstack is the platform that we use for the internal and public-facing documentation of punctum's work processes, guidelines, and FAQs. Our server is


We use InvoiceNinja for invoicing. Our server is


Mattermost is a chat program that we use for our internal communication (we have phased out most of internal emails). Anyone can create an account and chat with us there. You can download desktop and mobile clients here. Our server is


We use Metabase for the data visualization of usage statistics. This is still under development as we try to incorporate a variety of stats on sales and downloads. Our server is


NextCloud is used as the cloud platform on which all our files live. This is also where the version of record of your publication is hosted. You can download desktop and mobile clients here. Our server is


PubPub, developed by the Knowledge Futures Group, is our blogging environment. Our account is


We use Thoth for our metadata management. This is also the place you can download the metadata of your own publication, for example if you want to import them into a reference manager like Zotero or BibDesk. punctum books is one of the founders of Thoth.


We use Trello as our kanban board for production management. You can download desktop and mobile clients here.