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Ordering Author Copies

How do I order author copies?

You can order author copies by sending an email to Vincent ( listing the full address on which you wish to receive the books. Shipment usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending on where you are. It may be a lot faster too!

When we dispatch your books, you'll receive an invoice from us. Read more here on how to deal with them.

Authors and editors get 50% discount on their own books (and the rest of our catalog)!

Order your author copies at least 3 weeks before an event. Our the December holiday period, at least 4 weeks.

Can I pre-order author copies?

Since our books are print-on-demand, they only become available once the book is released. We therefore can only take orders once the book has been published.

Can other readers pre-order copies?

At the moment, other readers cannot pre-order copies directly from us.