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14. Images, Tables, and Plates

14.1 Images, tables, and plates should be provided separately and not included into the manuscript file. They should have a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

14.2 Captions should be provided in a separate file, and have the following form:

Fig. 1. Image caption. Rights/credits/authorship.

Table 1. Table caption. Rights/credits/authorship.

Plate 1. Plate caption. Rights/credits/authorship.
Plate XI. Plate caption. Rights/credits/authorship.

14.3 In-text citation is always by reference to the figure number, avoid language such as "see the figure below," since images may be end up at a different place on the page spread. In-line mention of a figure, plate, or table should use full word and numeral. In parenthetical mentions, use abbreviation followed by the numeral.

figure 1, (fig. 1)

table 1, (t. 1)

plate 1, (pl. 1)
plate XI, (pl. XI)