14. Images, Tables, and Plates

14.1 Images, tables, and plates should be provided separately and not included into the manuscript file. They should have a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

14.2 Captions should be provided in a separate file, and have the following form:

Fig. 1. Image caption. Rights/credits/authorship.

Table 1. Table caption. Rights/credits/authorship.

Plate 1. Plate caption. Rights/credits/authorship.
Plate XI. Plate caption. Rights/credits/authorship.

14.3 In-text citation is always by reference to the figure number, avoid language such as "see the figure below," since images may be end up at a different place on the page spread.

(fig. 1)

(table 1) 

(pl. 1)
(pl. XI)

14.4 Refer to images parenthetically, as follows: "(fig. 1)."

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