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7. Capitalization and Hyphenation

7.1 Places, persons, days, and months are capitalized.

Tirana, Leopold, Monday, June

7.2 Nationalities, religions, and philosophies deriving from people or languages are capitalized.

Somali, Marxism, Christian, Platonist, Buddhist, Lutheran

biblical, communist, catholic, nazi

We support authors who choose to decapitalize all religions and philosophies, as long as done consistently.

christian, buddhist, lutheran, catholic, platonist

7.3 Non-white racial identity-denoting adjectives are capitalized. For more on this, consult The Guardian article here.

Black, Brown, Indigenous, white

7.4 For racial identities we use unhyphenated terms.

Black American, Asian Brazilian

7.5 For chapters, parts, or sections referring to the same volume.

"See Chapter 2 of this volume."