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Monthly Data Collection and Preparation


Each month, download the sales data from KDP through its backend. After 90 days, data are no longer downloadable and data entry should be done manually, which is a pain.

  • Click "Reports" in the main menu on top
  • Select "Orders" from the leftside menu
  • Select the appropriate month
  • Click "Download Report"

KDP delivers XLSX files.

  • Open in LibreOffice
  • Tab "Combined Sales"
  • Delete table header
  • Save as text CSV, comma-delimited


JSTOR sends out a monthly email reminders with a link to the download report, but the links in it are currently broken. So Log In in to JSTOR, and selected "Publisher Reports" from the upper right admin drop down menu.

You need both the Book Usage by Country and by Institution reports.

JSTOR delivers XLSX files.

  • Open in LibreOffice
  • Delete table header rows.
  • For Country output, change Reporting Period Total into YYYY-MM-01 format
  • For Institution output, add column after Usage Type with YYY-MM-01 date, delete all month columns that are not applicable
  • check that only the data of that particular month is in the file (sometimes they add the rest too)

Project Muse

Somewhere halfway each month, Muse generates the usage data for the previous month. They can be downloaded in the backend.

  • Click "Reports an Statistics – Usage Statistics" in the top menu.
  • Click "Run Statistics," then "Data Export."
  • Enter the pertinent year, month, select "country" "institution," and "CSV," then click "Submit."

Project MUSE delivers CSV files, but they don't contain proper date column. Also, commas inside editor columns create errors in displaying the CSV.

  • Open in LibreOffice
  • Append 1 column to the left, add date in YYYY-MM-01 format
  • Delete table header
  • check all rows have proper column count (because of comma issue)


Sales data per product can be conveniently generated under "Reports," organized by Invoice Item. Product numbers in InvoiceNinja correspond to PBNs.

InvoiceNinja delivers CSV files. They suck.

  • Open in LibreOffice
  • Sort by invoice number
  • delete the other months
  • delete rows with non-book data
  • convert Product column to text, append 0 to PBNs
  • fix InvoiceDate to 20XX-XX-01
  • fix price by removing $ sign
  • delete table header
  • save as text CSV, comma-delimited

Lightning Source

The books from the Uitgeverij imprint are hosted through Lightning Source. Reports can be downloaded from the Reports>Print Sales menu item.

Lightning Source delivers XLS files.

  • Open in LibreOffice, switch off "space" as a possible delimiter
  • Append 1 column to the left, add date in YYYY-MM-01 format
  • Delete table header


OAPEN-Dashboard provides a download for all countries in CSV format.

  • When importing switch off space/semicolon as delimiter
  • Delete all columns from H up to present month
  • Reformat column G to YYYY-MM-01 format
  • Delete header