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3. Cover and Book Design

3.1 You have sent us the folder containing your completed manuscript. We might send it back to you with requests for further editing and formatting. But soon the book will be ready for the design stage.

3.2 We are dedicated to working closely with authors relative to design issues. Please also keep in mind, however, that punctum has worked very hard to craft and maintain a very distinctive design aesthetic, and we do not want to ever compromise that. So there may be times, for example, when we cannot, or do not want to, work with a cover design idea you have, but we promise to always listen to your ideas and to work with them as much as we can. The bottom line is: we want our book covers to be striking and memorable, and we also want our authors to love the design of their books.

3.3 We will show you draft designs of the cover and the interior of your book. We will ask you for your feedback and suggestions.

3.4 You have the right to veto design choices. We also have the right to veto your ideas for design.

3.5 Once we’ve all agreed on the draft design, the design may continue to undergo small tweaks. You will see the PDFs of the book many times before the book finally launches, and you will have many chances for input, but make any design requests early, please. Design requests that occur late in the production process may not be able to be honored.