Book Promotion

At punctum we are committed to ensuring that our books have the widest possible audience. We submit our ebooks to a wide range of online repositories, including OAPEN, JSTOR, the Internet Archive, Google Books, and RNIB Bookshare. They are also indexed in DOAB and EBSCO, large databases used by libraries. Our print books are available from all large online bookstores such as Amazon and the Book Depository, and are also available via a growing network of independent bookstores.

Social Media

punctum books has an active presence on social media (Twitter and Instagram), where we promote our publications and any author-related news and events. Be sure to tag us @punctum_books.


We frequently send out our publications for reviews. We don't do this blindly. We work together with the author to provide a targeted list of appropriate venues at which the author ideally has personal contact with a specific reviewer. We send out review copies for free.


We frequently submit our books to a variety of awards. Each year these include the Lambda LGBTQ Book Awards and the Firecracker Awards. We encourage our authors to seek out awards to which their book specifically might be eligible. These may be awards given out by scholarly organizations or non-profit organizations interested in the promotion of research on specific topics. Authors belonging to minority groups may also find that there are awards specifically related toward the advancement of their cause or visibility. We are happy to handle the submission process and any fees (within reason) on your behalf.

Encounters at the End of the Book

As we are expanding our post-publication support for authors, we launched a Vimeo channel called "Encounters at the End of the Book." This channel features interviews and conversations with authors and is one of the ways in which we highlight our publications and the authors behind them.

Book Tours

We currently do not have the organizational capacity to organize book or lecture tours. However, we do our best to support authors interested in organizing post-publication events and we can take, for example, of shipping out books to presentation locations (give us at least 2 months heads-up!), promoting the event on social media and through our mailing list.

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